Last update: July 01, 2024. === At page of " DTM activity ".
こちらのサイトでは、熱可塑性樹脂の射出成形にまつわる話と、趣味としてやってきている DTM (Desktop Music)、これらを少しずつ、ゆっくりと紹介していきます。

DTM については、MIDI とエレキギター、ベースギターをライン録りして Mix した楽曲を制作していますが、そんな中で思った事などを書いていきますね。
On this site, topics related to an injection molding of thermoplastic resin and DTM (Desktop Music), which I am doing as a hobby, are introduced by little by little.

As for the topic of injection molding, I will pick up niche parts such as "how to set initial conditions at the first molding trial", for which there are not many documents in the world. In particular, I will explain the way of thinking for inexperienced engineers, so please refer to it.

For DTM topics, I'm going to write down about things what I thought during processes of creating music that have been done with mixing recorded electric guitar, base guitar and MIDI.
【 近況報告 】
このところは体のメンテを最優先としているので、このサイトの更新に時間がかかっていることをご了承ください。散歩していると、時々いろいろな風景に出会うことが出来ます。飛行機雲って、すごくかっこいいですよね。向日葵が生き生きと咲いています。 (2023.07.11)
【 Recent report 】
Please understand that it takes time to update this site, as the maintenance of my body is my top priority these days. When I take a walk, I can sometimes encounter various landscapes. Airplane clouds are very cool. Sunflowers are blooming vividly. (2023.07.11)
contrail Sunflower
【 近況報告 】
今年は、このサイトを開設したものの未だに方向性がしっかりと定まっていません。寒くなってきて体調も思わしくない中、新年を迎えることになりそうです。来年はどんな年にしようか。早々に方向性を見出したい。 (2023.12.22)
【 Recent report 】
Although I started this site this year, I still don't have a firm direction in mind. It's getting colder and I'm not feeling well, and it looks like I'll be entering the new year. What kind of year should I have next year? I want to find a direction as soon as possible. (2023.12.22)